Starting at a Pre-school is an exciting time for children and parents and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible. We arrange settling-in sessions for all children starting in September and we hope you will find them valuable. It is a wonderful opportunity to share information about the children so that we can provide both excellent care and learning activities which will inspire them. We would like to make sure that their time here is happy and enjoyable in every way. We also try to carry out a home visit before the children start in September.


Children will be involved in a variety of activities, some messy, indoors and in the garden. We suggest that children wear comfortable clothes, suitable for the weather and all daily activities. Jelly Beans' sweatshirts and polo shirts are available to purchase, but not compulsory. To encourage independence, we suggest that children wear clothes which are easy to put on and take off when toilet training.



We have a snack bar available every morning, where healthy snacks and fruit are provided. We charge 20p per day per child and will give half a terms notice of any increase.  We ask that children have their own water bottle each day so that they have access to water at all times and in addition to this they are being offered milk at snack time.


Jelly Beans runs lunch sessions where children can stay with us between 12.00 and 12.30pm. Children bring in their own healthy packed lunch and eat alongside each other. Lunch sessions can be combined with the morning session, the afternoon session or both.


We recognise that a child's parents or carers are the most important educators in their lives. We welcome the active participation of parents or carers who want to become involved in our activities and their child's progress by volunteering to come in and work in the Jelly Beans setting under mutually agreed and convenient arrangements.